5 Awesome Ways To Extend Battery Life On Your Phone

Extend Battery Life

We’re all looking for ways to extend battery life on our phone, wouldn’t it be nice if they lasted like they used to!


Gone are the days where a single charge would get us through a week without worrying, charging our phone is now part of our normal bedtime routine.


That feeling when you wake up in the morning to realise you didn’t plug your phone in…


So, what can you do to help extend battery life on your mobile phone?


5 Ways to extend battery life on your phone

1. Change your display / screen brightness settings

One of the largest drains on your battery life is the screen, even more so today with large edge to edge and full screen displays.


Having your screen set to a bright setting will consume a lot of power, try turning the brightness down a bit.


It may take a little to get used to the dimmer screen but it will help extend battery life by a significant amount.


2. Uninstall applications you no longer use

It seems there’s and app for everything now and when they’re just a touch away from installing, it’s easy to find yourself with hundreds off apps.


Extend Battery Life - Remove Apps


As useful as many apps are, they also contribute to overall power consumption by checking for updates, sending you notifications and some lesser maintained apps may have battery draining bugs that go unfixed.


When you no longer use an app, it’s worth removing it, no only might you enjoy getting less pointless notifications but it might help extend battery life just a little bit more.


3. Enable power saving mode

Another great way to extend battery life is to enable power saving mode.


Depending on the phone you have, enabling power saving mode will change different settings but common things are screen brightness and disabling none critical applications from running which greatly extend your battery life.


Extend Battery Life


Some power saving options will practically disable all functions other than basic call and text features, you may lose access to application such as social media / messaging applications or games etc… but once you get access to a charger, you can disable this features and start using all applications as normal again including checking what your have missed in the world from your Facebook timeline.


4. Make sure your phone is on the latest firmware

Always make sure your phone is updated to the latest firmware / software.


These updates may introduce bug fixes for battery draining issues or increase the efficiency level of the phone to help extend battery life.



5. Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS (if not required)

It’s easy to forget about these, they sit silently running in the background adding to the drain on your battery.

Maybe you keep your phone on WiFi throughout the day and keep Bluetooth / GPS on for in-car connectivity and Google Maps navigation but… if you don’t need these often, try turning them off.


Still having battery life issues?

If you’ve tried the above and still feel your battery life is not what it should be, it might be worth getting a professional technician to take a look.


Phone Repair Finder has an extensive directory of Local Technicians, check them out today.

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